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Can I Get Auto Insurance with No Down Payment?

No money down
It is possible to find an insurer that will offer an auto insurance policy with no down payment. This can benefit individuals who cannot afford to pay a big, lump sum up front for coverage or for those who simply prefer to pay monthly for their policies. Although there are companies who will insure motorists with no down payments, consumers should be aware that they will have to pay for their first month of coverage in order to become insured.

Finding Car Insurance with a Low or No Down Payment

The most effective way to find an insurer who will offer a policy with the lowest startup cost is to shop around. As mentioned, although there are companies who offer auto insurance with no down payment, the amount of the first month's premium will need to be paid. So finding the company who will provide coverage with a low up front cost comes down to shopping and comparing.

There are numerous carriers in the market to choose from, and taking the time to locate the one who will offer the cheapest premium is vital to ensure that one is found that can offer a low down payment to start up a policy. The rates of insurers can vary significantly with each applicant, but, luckily, it is not very hard to locate the cheapest one for a specific individual.

Consumers can easily gather multiple free quotes from various companies to begin comparing and to find a rate that they can afford. An online car insurance quote comparison makes this process especially easy and is a very fast and efficient way to obtain the most affordable policy. By filling out a brief form, consumers will be provided with the rates of multiple companies that they can compare and choose from, which will help them get insured and on the road at the lowest price available.

Once a carrier is found with a startup cost that a motorist is satisfied with, he or she can then go ahead and complete the transaction and purchase the policy. (In some states, the purchase can be completed online.) Following this, the policyholder will then begin to make monthly payments. Before entering an agreement, be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the policy as well as the length of the term. A policy's term is usually 3, 6 or 12 months. So the customer is expected to make payments for the remaining months of the term. Failure to do so may result in a lapse of coverage and becoming uninsured.

monthly payment due Many individuals prefer to pay for their policies on a monthly basis, for various reasons. They may feel it is easier on their wallet, they may like having the freedom of being able to switch carriers without having the hassle of canceling with another company and incurring possible cancellation fees, or they may simply not want to pay a big, lump sum. This is why insurers offer monthly payment plans which help potential customers get insured at an affordable startup cost and give the ability to maintain coverage by paying month to month.
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