How Can I Lower My Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Premium?

Pennsylvania flag buttonAlthough it is necessary for drivers to be insured in the Keystone State, many residents wouldn't mind having a lower premium. Luckily for residents, there are a few simple ways to shrink coverage costs, like shopping around for lower rates, investigating discounts or choosing a less extensive protection plan.

Compare PA Car Insurance to Find Low Rates

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Whether a resident has already purchased Pennsylvania auto insurance or is in need of a policy, drivers across the state can usually benefit from researching prices from multiple insurers. Online quote comparisons enable people to see and evaluate potentially dozens of estimates in a single location, making it easier to find the insurer that can offer the lowest prices. Through these comparisons, people searching for a policy can usually find an affordable protection plan, and residents who are already insured can see if they are paying a suitable sum for their coverage. Insurers tend to periodically make adjustments or provide special deals, so it's usually beneficial to occasional make comparisons. For example, price data provided by state regulators show that, in 2009, premiums for the same driver located in Philadelphia could range between $830 and $10,070 for the same annual policy, depending on the coverage provider.

The number and type of discounts that a policy provider offers is also likely to change from time to time. Taking advantage of rate reductions can be an excellent way for PA residents to lower premium prices, and regularly contacting an insurer to see if any new ones are available can lead to significant savings. Typically, insurers like when motorists drive safely and avoid accidents, which is why it's common to see discounts for having a clean driving record or taking a state-approved defensive driver training course. Students can even see rate reductions for maintaining good grades, and older individuals may get a mature driver discount. Choosing to purchase a policy from the cheapest insurance company available and adding special offers can have a big impact on prices.

Sometimes quote comparisons and discounts may not be enough to lower premium prices to an adequate level, so drivers may want to consider adjusting their policy in order to reduce rates. Opting for a limited tort plan is a common way to save money on auto insurance in Pennsylvania. Choosing limited tort instead of full tort means that a resident would be unable to bring suit against a negligent driver for certain damages, such as pain and suffering, unless certain conditions have been met. But they could still recover many out-of-pocket expenses after an accident. Going from a full to a limited tort option could reduce rates by around 20 percent.

PA written in U.S stars and stripesMotorists may want to consider opting out of certain optional forms of coverage as well. Choosing not to include comprehensive and collision coverage can lead to lower rates, though some residents who are financing their vehicle may be unable to choose this option. Increasing one's deductible is also a possible option. As a result of raising a deductible, motorists will have to pay more out of pocket after an accident, but premiums may also be reduced as well. It is important for residents in search of low cost auto insurance to determine how much automobile protection is necessary and what can be adjusted in order to save money.