What Auto Insurance Discounts Can I Find in Pennsylvania?

United States flag shaped as PennsylvaniaMotorists can find an array of discounts when looking for vehicle coverage in the Keystone State. Some price breaks are required by law, and competition among insurers means companies frequently offer various discounts as a way of attracting customers. Common discounts include those for safe-driving courses, good grades, multiple policies, vehicle safety features, and having a relatively clean driving record. Pennsylvania motorists can benefit from competition in the market by researching which companies can provide the greatest savings.

Some PA insurance price breaks apply only to specific demographics. Mature drivers who are 55 or older, for example, can lower coverage costs by completing a driver training course that has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. According to state law, drivers who have completed one of these courses are entitled to a discount of at least 5 percent for each vehicle on their PA car insurance policy. To maintain this discount, drivers must take a refresher course every three years. However, this premium reduction can be removed if the policyholder is involved in certain types of accidents or is convicted of a moving violation.

Similarly, younger motorists in the Keystone State can frequently find premium reductions for taking a driver education course or for maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. These discounts can be especially helpful because of the extra costs commonly associated with insuring young and inexperienced motorists. If drivers qualify for these discounts, they should make sure to let their coverage providers know so that they will be applied.

One of the more common ways for drivers to find affordable auto insurance is to maintain a clean driving record for over three years. Rates are largely based on a driver's risk of filing a claim; so when vehicle owners can demonstrate that they can maintain a clean record for an extended period of time, they usually get a good-driver discount.

Motorists are strongly encouraged to shop around before purchasing a policy because some companies may offer a wider range of savings than others. Apart from the more common discounts and ones that are required by the state, insurers will often provide special savings. For example, an insurer may reduce a driver's premium for working in a specific field or for majoring in a specific subject while in school. Other companies may lower coverage costs for motorists that belong to specific clubs or organizations.
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Residents can often research pricing information either online or by contacting companies individually. To maximize the potential savings, motorists are encouraged to shop online for the lowest rates by completing a quote comparison. Once several adequately priced insurers have been located, residents should then contact those companies directly for more information on the various savings that may be available.