Online Auto Insurance Coverage Quiz

Take this quick auto insurance coverage quiz to test your knowledge on the personal auto policy.

1) What coverage pays for other's medical injuries which you are held liable for as a result of an auto accident?

a) Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
b) Liability Bodily Injury Coverage
c) Medical Payments
d) Uninsured Motorist Coverage

2) A tree limb falls on your parked car and breaks the windshield. Which coverage is required to cover the damages?

a) Liability Property Damage
b) Comprehensive Coverage (other than collision coverage)
c) Collision Coverage
d) None of the above.

3) You accidentally run a red light and strike another vehicle. What part of an auto insurance policy will cover the damages to your car?

a) Road Side Assistance
b) Comprehensive Coverage (other than collision coverage)
c) Uninsured Motorist Property Damage
d) Collision Coverage

4) Medical Payments coverage provides protection for all of the following EXCEPT:

a) the insured.
b) the insured's family.
c) passengers in the insured's vehicle.
d) occupants of a vehicle that is struck by the insured's vehicle.

5) Under a no-fault plan, the insurance company will pay for your bodily injuries:

a) if a court of law determines that your are at fault in an accident.
b) you are found to be less than 30 % at fault.
c) only if a policy officer finds both parties to be equally at fault.
d) regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

6) Which of the following losses could be paid under Uninsured Motorist coverage? (assume there are no endorsements attached to the policy.)

a) You drive the wrong way down a one-way street and collide with another car. You are seriously injured but the driver of the other car has no Liability insurance.
b) You are hit by a drunk driver who does not have insurance. You're not injured but your car is totaled.
c) You're injured when you get struck by a car that runs a stop sign. The driver has no Liability insurance.
d) You're on the way back from work and fall asleep. You run into a tree and get injured.

7) You have liability coverage with limits of 50/100/25. How much liability property damage do you have?

a) $25,000
b) $100,000
c) $50,000
d) $175,000

8) If you have liability coverage only and you are found liable in an auto accident:

a) only your vehicle's damages will be covered.
b) your vehicle's damages and your medical injuries will be covered.
c) only your medical injuries will be covered.
d) none of your personal injury or property damages will be paid.

9) What coverage is usually additionally required if you're financing a vehicle?

a) Comprehensive and Collision coverage (Physical Damage)
b) Uninsured Motorist Coverage
c) Liability Coverage only.
d) Towing and Rental Reimbursement

10) If you have liability coverage only with limits of 100/300/50, will it cover your vehicle's damages if you were to run into a legally parked car?

a) Yes, it will repair your vehicles damages.
b) No, liability coverage would not pay for your own vehicle's damages.
c) Yes, but it will only pay up to $50,000 of your vehicle's damages.
d) Yes, but you have to pay the auto insurance company back.