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S.C. Residents Could Be Paying 90% More for Auto Insurance because of Where They Live

Insurers routinely use a driver's location to help them price a policy. In this study, we look at how much drivers' location can affect their prices. We analyze 920 sample quotes provided by state regulators to see which parts of South Carolina tend to see the highest rates.

How Many Millions in Car Insurance Savings Could a Supreme Court Decision Bring to Same-Sex Couples?

Married drivers tend to get lower premiums than single drivers, but to get that lower rate, you generally have to be in a relationship that's legally recognized. In this study, we look at how much same-sex couples could save if the Supreme Court rules states must recognize same-sex marriages.

Who's Winning the Fight for Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

Ever wonder why you see so many auto insurance ads on TV? It might have to do with the fact that the insurers paying for those ads are all fighting for a larger share of the nearly $175 billion Americans shell out for car coverage every year. Find out which companies are doing the best and why.

States with the Harshest and Weakest Penalties for Texting while Driving

If you get caught sending a text message while driving, you could be punished with anything from a $20 fine up to a $10,000 fine and a year in prison. Find out which states have the harshest and weakest penalties for texting while driving in this study.

Is Your Bad Credit Inflating Your Nevada Auto Insurance Bill?

Think your financial history won't have an affect on something as unrelated as car insurance costs? Think again. In this study, we look at over 6,000 Nevada car insurance quotes to see how often insurers raise rates for deteriorating credit and by how much.

New Jersey Auto Insurance: Where It's Cheapest, and Where It's Priciest

We analyzed more than 28,000 individual quotes to find out which areas of New Jersey tend to see the highest auto insurance prices and then looked at the socio-economic factors common in the most-expensive and cheapest territories.

Quantifying the Sex-Based Pricing Gap in Car Insurance

We looked at nearly 5,000 quotes made available by state insurance regulators to find out whether men or women get charged more for coverage, how often it happens, and how big the average sex-based premium difference is.

Most and Least Expensive Counties for Florida Auto Insurance

We used government-provided premium data for a family of four to find out which Florida counties had the highest and lowest average prices for auto insurance. All 67 counties are ranked. See which ones have the highest average auto insurance premiums and which have the lowest.

Harshest and Weakest Penalties for Driving Uninsured

We looked at all 50 state laws against driving without auto insurance to see who had the harshest and weakest penalties and ranked them accordingly. Find out how your state matches up.