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Getting the cheapest auto insurance rates can be accomplished by doing the following:

  • Take advantage of's comparison services in order to find which company will offer the lowest rates.
  • Experiment with different types of coverage. Adjusting the coverage can sometimes significantly make a difference in price. Raising the deductibles for physical damage (commonly referred to as "full coverage") can help cut premiums. Take time experimenting with different types of policies. Quotes are free, so users can get as many as they'd like. Start by determining how much protection is needed and get quotations accordingly. For information on what coverage is needed, visit our learning center.
  • Taking advantage of discounts can also help cut down the costs of insuring a vehicle. Remember that a student with good grades may qualify for a bit of a price break. If the vehicle has an anti-theft tracking device, presenting certification of this may bring a discount. One discount that many drivers fail to take advantage of is the low-mileage discount. If policyholders log a low amount of mileage per year—say 5,000 miles/year—they may fall into a low driver category and get reduced rates. By all means, if shoppers qualify for savings, they should take them, as they can lead to cheap KY car insurance rates.
  • Some things consumers may not be able to do much about instantly is driving record violations, accidents, and negative credit history. Those are all factors that insurers take into consideration for pricing; however, motorists can take precautions to avoid future traffic violations and either keep a clean record, or work on getting one. Within three years of establishing a good driving history, motorists should get good-driver discounts and rake in the savings. Also, cleaning up or maintaining a good credit history will work to the consumer's advantage.

Kentucky Auto Insurance Law

KY automobile laws can get a bit confusing because they mandate liability coverage and give the option of buying or rejecting personal injury protection. This is explained in this article: "Buying vs. Rejecting Personal Injury Coverage"

Below are the requirements to stay insured for maintaining vehicle registration and staying in compliance with the law:

Required Auto Insurance Coverage in Kentucky:

Liability Coverage
$25,000 - Bodily injury coverage to others on a per- person basis
$50,000 - Bodily injury coverage to others on a per-accident basis if more than one person is injured
$10,000 - Coverage for damages to other's property as a result of damages the policyholder is liable for
Personal Injury Protection(PIP)
$10,000 - Provides the policyholder with coverage up to the policy limits for medical expenses, loss of wages, and other related injuries regardless of who is at fault and even if there is negligence involved. This coverage may be legally rejected by signing and filing a form with the Department of Insurance.

Although the above are the minimum requirements, keep in mind that they do not provide any compensation for the policyholder's injuries (unless choosing to keep PIP) or property damage. Consider purchasing additional coverage when making Kentucky auto insurance comparisons so that there will protection in case of a loss. Some options may be relatively inexpensive, to most consumers' surprise. Quote all kinds of coverage to see which are affordable and necessary.

Failure to comply with KY car insurance laws can lead to expensive fines and/or suspension of an automobile's registration. It's definitely cheaper to drive with insurance than without because of the costs associated with accidents and violations.

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The Kentucky Department of Insurance provides helpful free publications such as the Kentucky Auto Insurance Consumer Guide as well as other insurance consumer pages. Drivers can also sharpen their knowledge by visiting our learning center.