If you're a consumer looking for Missouri auto insurance online, you've arrived at the perfect place. OnlineAutoInsurance.com helps you instantly compare rates from multiple companies by simply completing one short questionnaire. Completing a quote comparison in MO is the best way to ensure that you get an affordable rate. You should settle for nothing other than low rates.

How are Missouri car insurance rates determined?

Insurers base their rates on a few factors such as the following:

  • Coverage and deductibles

  • Insured information such as age, sex, driving record, claims history (carriers are prohibited from raising rates for comprehensive claims), where one resides, and credit history

  • A vehicle's year/make/model as well as frequency and type of vehicle use The more profitable a company is, or the lower the amount of claims they pay, the lower they can set their rates to attract new customers. By comparing MO car insurance quotes, motorists can find the cheapest rate.

Missouri Auto Insurance Law

State law makes it mandatory for all drivers to buy Missouri auto insurance 1and maintain their vehicle policy with a minimum of coverage. [MO car insurance requirements][18] mandate that drivers registering or renewing license plates on their automobile will be required to have it insured and must be able to show proof when requested by an officer.

Liability Coverage Uninsured Motorist Coverage
$25,000 bodily injury per person $25,000 bodily injury
per person
$50,000 bodily injury per accident $50,000 bodily injury per accident
$10,000 property damage per accident

How to get cheap car insurance in MO:

  • The lower the amount of driving record violations, the cheaper coverage will be. If motorists already have tickets and accidents, it can mean that high-risk car insurance in MO may be needed, and they will have to take advantage of other discounts in order to get lower rates. Try not to get any more violations because they will definitely continue affecting premiums.

  • Take advantage of OnlineAutoInsurance.com's free quotes and compare the rates of multiple companies. Comparing rates is even encouraged by regulators in the Missouri Educational Guide to Automobile Insurance. They suggest getting rates, coverage, and service information from a number of companies in order to get the best deal.

  • Experiment with various types of coverage and change deductibles to see what effect it has on rates. Shoppers can get as many quotes as they would like; after all, they're free. Experimenting with various types of coverage can help consumers find out what is within budget and to their satisfaction.

  • Having a good credit score can help shoppers find cheap MO car insurance rates. If they have a good credit score, they will most likely qualify for affordable rates.

Take advantage of discounts:

  • Be sure to include information that will bring discounts.

  • There are multiple discounts such as:

  • Multi-car discount

  • Policy-combination discount (adding a vehicle and home to the same policy)

  • Good driver discount (accident and/or violation free)

  • "B" average or better student iscount

  • Married driver discount

  • Vehicle features discount for:

    • Anti lock brakes

    • Air bags (driver, passenger, side impact)

    • Automatic seatbelts

    • Alarm

  • Senior citizen discount

  • Paid-in-full discount