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Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in North Carolina

Getting the cheapest NC rates means taking advantage of as many available savings for which you qualify and making sure to complete OnlineAutoInsurance.com's free rate comparison services. There are multiple discounts available to qualified policyholders. Below are a few discounts that drivers may be eligible for:

  • Good Driver-Having less than two violations (depending on the type) may still allow a motorist to get the good driver discount which can be in the range of 20 percent.

  • Multiple Car—If you have multiple vehicles, put them on the same policy for maximum savings. Multi-car discounts are also in the range of 20 percent.

  • Marriage—Married drivers have the privilege of saving a few dollars on their policy. Some carriers, however, may ask for a marriage certificate to qualify.

  • Vehicle—Some vehicles will automatically provide you with discounts if they have features such as anti-lock brakes, theft alarms or low-jack, daytime running lights, and airbags.

  • Payment Plan—Consider the different payment plans available. Some payment plans, such as "automatic withdrawal from your bank account" or paying the policy term "in full," can save you a few dollars per year.

  • Coverage and Deductibles-When getting free online auto insurance quotes, shoppers should experiment with different deductibles and coverage types to see what fits their budget. Generally, if they raise the deductibles, rates will reduce; however, keep in mind that a deductible is what the policyholder will have to pay toward a vehicle's repairs or replacement.

Liability Coverage Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
$30,000 - Bodily injury coverage per person $30,000 - Bodily injury coverage per person
$60,000 - Bodily injury coverage total per accident, when multiple persons $60,000 - Bodily injury coverage total per accident, when multiple persons

The state Department of Insurance provides a Consumer Guide to North Carolina Auto Insurance that can help answer additional questions in more detail. You may also visit our learning center for tips and assistance on terms, coverage, and more.