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Teenagers looking for cheap auto insurance rates can complete a quotes comparison and sort out in a matter of minutes the companies that will offer low prices. Thanks to automated online technology, teens can answer a set of questions to get instant quotations from many recognizable brands offering a large variety of coverage types.

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Why it is important for a teenager to compare car insurance rates:

When it comes to teenagers and students, getting rates from a variety of carriers is important because it helps locate those that offer a cheaper rate to teens. In reality, some companies even target the teenage drivers because they are profitable in the young driver category. On the other hand, some coverage providers let applicants know that they are too risky by quoting them an outrageous premium. offers instant car insurance quotes from a group of companies that are quite competitive in the teen category. Give it a shot; it only takes a few minutes to compare side by side prices from popular insurers.
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For parents:

Is it cheaper to add my teens to my own policy or to have them get their own? The best way to answer that question is to get quotes from other companies to find the insurer that may offer cheaper auto insurance for the desired coverage. Simply enter a ZIP code above to begin providing the basic information needed for a teenager's quotes from multiple companies.

Frequently asked questions by teens' parents:

Should I add my child to my policy or have them open a new one? - Parent and childDetermining whether a parent should add a child to a current auto insurance policy or should have them open a policy independently depends on a few factors. First of all, it's a good idea to have an agent or carrier provide a quote for the addition of the child. Remember that if there are have multiple vehicles on a policy, the new driver may cause an increase in premium for all vehicles on the policy.

Depending on the child's age, time licensed, driving record, marital status, occupation and commute, the premium may vary among different carriers and some will let you know that they prefer not to take on the risk by charging a high rate. With this in mind, it's easy to realize why comparing quotes is important in determining which insurer will be a better choice.

Teens with learner's permits - Youths with learner's permits or driver's permits can search for their own policy to be independent from their parents' policy before being licensed as long as they agree to obtain the permanent license within a specified amount of time. Here are insurance tips for young singles provided by a trusted government source as insuring guidance with a bit of "101" for added knowledge.

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Questions about Buying Insurance for Teenagers

  • Will My Insurance Pay For an Accident My Teen Has in My Car?

    Teenagers about to be involved in a car accidentTeenage drivers are notorious for being a bit reckless behind the wheel, and, unfortunately, this makes them more likely to be involved in a traffic accident. Teens who borrow their parents' cars will only be covered for an accident if the...

  • Who's Liable If My Child's Friend Crashes Her Car?

    Young girls riding in a carIt can be scary enough thinking about a child out on the road in their own car with so many dangers around. Combine road hazards with statistics showing young drivers' high likelihood of being in a traffic accident, and parents might be tempted to...

  • Can Monitoring Devices Help My Teen Avoid Car Accidents?

    Digital surveillanceMost teenagers act differently around their friends than they do while around their parents, so it stands to reason that they drive differently as well. A newly licensed driver may be a model citizen while mom is in the passenger seat, but eventually every young adult will...

News on Teen Driving and Coverage Issues

  • Study: Teen Driver Crash Risk Rises in Smaller Cars

    July 17, 2014 - Crash claim rates for some teen drivers are more than double than the rates for older drivers, according to a new analysis from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. But there's something else that compounds dangers for teen drivers: They ...

  • Car Insurer Esurance Unveils DriveSafe as Safety Tool for Teens

    December 19, 2013 - Esurance announced Wednesday the debut of a no-cost program that the auto insurance company said will help its policyholders who are parents to monitor their teen drivers and train those young motorists on the rules of the road. DriveSafe operates through a telematics device that Esurance sends to participants who plug that ...

  • Car Insurance Study: Fewer Teens Insured in Slow Economy

    October 30, 2013 - Ask a teenager any one thing, and you'll likely get 10 different answers. But when it comes to why fewer teens are getting insured, the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) has a simple answer: "No jobs, no cars." That was the headline of the most recent study from the Institute, which delved into issues of teenage car insurance ...

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