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17 year old driverTeenagers have a harder time finding affordable coverage than most any other age group. This is because they are viewed as riskier to insure and do not have a long enough driving history to prove otherwise. Although they are likely to pay higher premiums, by comparing auto insurance quotes from various insurers and with a little bit of strategy, a reasonably priced policy is not out of reach. Shopping around and exploring options can prove to be very effective in finding cheaper rates.

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Tips on Finding Affordable Car Insurance for a 17 Year Old

While most teens are excited when they first get their driver's license, many parents may not feel the same way. This is because they know that insuring a teen can become very expensive (if not done correctly). Luckily, there are many options that can help lower the costs of premiums for these younger motorists.

The first option to look at is whether to add them to a parent or guardian's existing policy. Many times this will be a lot more cost effective than if a youth were to purchase a policy of their own. Also, if there are any high end vehicles or sports cars currently covered, it may be wise to exclude them as drivers and let them use the more economical automobiles if possible; not excluding them will only drive up rates on those particular autos. If they are to be added to existing policies, be sure to shop around; the parent's current company may not be cheapest when it comes to insuring inexperienced operators.

If purchasing a vehicle for a newly licensed teen, compare the cost of insuring it first. Although some cars seem similar and are in the same price range, it does not necessarily mean that it will cost the same to insure. Providers view and evaluate statistics, and if a particular automobile is more prone to theft this will cause the comprehensive policy to be a bit more costly. Also, try and steer clear of sports cars as well. Putting a 17 year old in a "racecar" would be like asking for higher rates.

Take advantage of the various types of discounts and always practice safe driving. Within a few short years and by keeping a clean record, this can entitle the young motorist to a good driver discount of about 20%. In the meantime, if a teenager is a student maintaining a "B" grade point average or higher they can also be entitled to savings. Many companies will offer a discount to teenagers who complete a recognized safe and defensive driving course as well. This will not only save money on premiums, but will also teach the child valuable tools while operating vehicles which will keep them safer behind the wheel.

By taking the above mentioned approach when looking to insure younger motorists, affordable coverage may just be a matter of using a little bit of strategy.