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Most states' department of insurance suggest that consumers compare rates in order to find out which company will offer them the lowest rates. Tennessee residents can take advantage of OnlineAutoInsurance.com's free online quotes. By completing the following form, you can make your price comparison from multiple companies instantly and easily. It's absolutely free and there is no obligation to buy car insurance online.

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Factors That Determine Tennessee Car Insurance Rates

state of Tennessee Car insurance rates are based on the information motorists provide. Factors like driver information (age, sex, marital status, driving record), vehicle information (year, make, model, safety features, garaging address), and a few other types of information are used by companies in order to determine rates. That's why it's very important to provide accurate information in order to avoid a premium increase and to obtain cheap TN auto insurance once the underwriting process is complete. If motorist does not know what violations are left on his or her driving record, most carriers can pull a driving record if requested.

Tennessee Auto Insurance Law
The state of Tennessee has a law in force requiring vehicles to have at least liability coverage with the following minimums:
Liability Coverage -Bodily Injury (BI)—Pays for others' bodily injury that the policyholder is liable for in an accident. Tennessee requires drivers to have at least $25,000 BI coverage per person and $50,000 BI total per accident.
Property Damage (PD)—Pays for other's property damages that the policyholder is liable for in an at-fault automobile accident, up to policy limits. Tennessee requires at least $15,000 PD liability coverage.
The above liability coverage requirements are abbreviated as 25/50/15

Although insuring a vehicle with the minimum will satisfy TN car insurance laws and requirements, when getting quotes, shoppers should request different coverage in order to see what additional protection is within budget. Shoppers can even keep liability coverage only and raise the limits. The last thing a policyholder wants to happen is for coverage to be insufficient to cover all caused damages. This leaves the policyholder owing the balance and can lead to lawsuits and a bad situation. Consumers will be surprised to see some coverage is quite inexpensive. Get Tennessee auto insurance quotes on everything,; it's free, and there's no obligation to purchase a policy.

Also remember that if one purchases only the minimum legal requirements, there is no coverage for the insured vehicle in case of an at-fault accident or theft of the automobile. Motorists who wish to cover cars for these damages may want to compare TN car insurance with such coverage.

Choosing Tennessee Car Insurance Coverage
Choosing coverage and buying TN auto insurance can be difficult for shoppers who do not know what coverage is available out there. OnlineAutoInsurance.com's learning center helps consumers learn more about what types of auto insurance is available and what they cover. Click on any coverage below in order to learn more about each type.
Liability CoverageMedical Payments CoverageUninsured Motorist Coverage
Comprehensive and CollisionRental Car CoverageRoadside Assistance

Shoppers may also visit the Tennessee auto insurance commissioner's website to obtain more information.

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