Can Driving Record Points Impact My Tennessee Auto Insurance?

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Points that are assigned through the Tennessee Driver Improvement Program can have a considerable impact on a motorist's auto insurance eligibility and premium. Points are assigned for various moving violations and can accumulate until residents have their driving privileges suspended. Because coverage costs are largely dependent on a motorist's likelihood of filing a claim, accumulating multiple points will likely result in higher premiums or policy cancellation.

To legally drive in the Volunteer State, motorists must maintain Tennessee car insurance that meets specific minimum requirements. However, accumulating multiple points on a driving record may make this difficult. If motorists who are over the age of 18 accumulate more than 12 points in a year, they may have their driver's license suspended or revoked. Motorists who are under the age of 18 may have their driving privileges suspended for obtaining 3 points or more in a year.

When vehicle owners are rated by an insurer, they are typically placed in one of three markets: the preferred market, the standard market, or the non-standard market. These categories reflect a driver's likelihood of filing a claim. Motorists who have had their licenses suspended because of their poor driving records are likely to be considered high risk drivers, and they are usually placed in the non-standard market, where they usually encounter higher premiums.

Although convictions of traffic violations that are more than two years old are not considered in the Driver Improvement Program, many insurers still consider the prior three years of a motorist's driving record when setting rates. For a vehicle owner to leave the high risk auto insurance pool and enter the standard or preferred market, TN drivers may have to maintain a relatively clean record for over three years, and they may want to participate in a Tennessee Department of Safety-approved defensive driving course.

TN motorists with multiple points on their driving record still must maintain vehicle coverage to operate a motor vehicle in the Volunteer State. Although the majority of coverage providers specifically insure drivers in the preferred or standard market, there are still multiple companies that offer coverage to higher risk drivers.
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For motorists to improve their chances of finding an adequately priced plan, they are urged to shop around and make quote comparisons. Evaluating estimates online can allow residents to see dozens of sample rates at once. As residents' records improve over time, they are encouraged to periodically compare quotes on the Internet in an effort to find the most affordable car insurance policy available in the Volunteer State.