When Should I Reevaluate My Tennessee Auto Insurance Policy?

Tennessee state flagOver time, the details that govern a policyholder's premium are likely to change. It is often beneficial for a Tennessee motorist to annually reevaluate their policy to ensure that all of the listed details are accurate. On some occasions it can be beneficial for a driver to inform their insurer of any major changes that have taken place that directly alter a premium. Periodically completing a quote comparison can also be a simple and helpful way for a TN vehicle owner to continuously receive the cheapest coverage available.

Many personal characteristics can play a part in how premiums are calculated, including age, marital status, location and daily commute. Moving to a different county, for example, could have a big impact on a person's premium. If a motorist purchases Tennessee auto insurance while living in Davidson County, estimated to have an overall crash rate between 2006 and 2010 of 54.083 per 1,000 licensed drivers, they may pay slightly more for coverage then the average TN vehicle owner. If the same resident moved to Fentress County, they may experience a drop in policy costs because Fentress maintains an overall crash rate of only 8.020 per 1,000 licensed drivers.

When buying a new car or switching vehicles, a resident's coverage needs are likely to change as well. If a person finances an automobile, for example, the majority of lenders require drivers to purchase additional vehicle protection. The Tennessee car insurance laws only require residents to carry bodily injury and property damage liability to meet the state's financial responsibility requirements, but often lenders insist that residents include comprehensive and collision coverage as well.

Often motorists in the Volunteer State are encouraged to periodically reevaluate their policies, even if notable changes haven't taken place. Simply going an extended period of time without an accident or reaching a certain age can amount to special premium discounts, and as a vehicle ages it typically requires less coverage. Annually examining the details of a policy and making adjustments when necessary can help keep polices accurate and allow drivers to take advantage of potential savings.
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Occasionally shopping around and comparing quotes can help residents find out how much car insurance will cost if a motorist switched insurers. Quote comparisons over the Internet can often take only a matter of minutes and typically allows residents to view quotes from dozens of companies with no obligation to make a purchase. Regularly utilizing these resources may be able to help drivers in the Volunteer State avoid overpaying for a policy over time.