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If you're shopping for Virginia auto insurance online, has the solution. Contacting companies individually for quotes can be a long, tough process, so let us do the hard work for you. By completing one simple form, you can instantly compare Virginia car insurance rates online from multiple companies.

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Determining which company is suitable is based on each person's particular needs. Whether searching for a cheap VA car insurance company or a particular type of coverage for a certain automobile, here are a few tips that may help:

  • Be sure to take advantage of discounts if:
    • The vehicle is equipped with an anti theft device.
    • The vehicle is not driven often or is only driven short distances.
    • The insured driver is a student with a "B" or better average.
    • The driver has completed a driver safety or defensive driver course.
  • Ask the company if they return any premium to policyholders at the end of the year. Some companies will return over 10 percent to consumers.
  • Ask the company if they sell a Virginia auto insurance plan that allows multiple vehicles and drivers to be placed on the same policy. This will generate multi-car discounts, which can reduce your premiums by as much as 20 percent.
  • Be sure to compare rates from multiple companies in order to find a competitive rate.
  • Ask about different payment options. Generally, paying a policy term in full will be the best option as for the money.
  • Be sure to get quotes before buying vehicles. Some consumers buy a vehicle and then find out that rates for coverage for that particular vehicle are high.

Virginia Car Insurance Law

The VA auto insurance laws require drivers to insure their vehicles at all times. This part of the law is known as the financial responsibility law, and it is enforced to make sure that anyone who causes damages to others has a way to pay for it.

Mandatory Minimum Liability Coverage
Bodily injury coverage, per person$25,000
Bodily injury coverage, per accident$50,000
Property damage coverage, per accident$20,000
Mandatory Minimum Uninsured Motorist Coverage
(applies when the policyholder is hit by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver)
Bodily injury coverage, per person$25,000
Bodily injury coverage, per accident$50,000
Property damage, per accident$20,000

The state allows consumers to go uninsured at their own risk if they pay a $500 fee per year. Although this is permitted by state laws, it is not recommended. This leaves drivers uninsured and vulnerable to lawsuits.

Purchasing only the minimum liability coverage is also something motorists should think twice about. There are many additional types of coverage available for added protection. Keep in mind that liability coverage will only cover others' damages the policyholder is liable for, up to the policy limits. Consider getting quotes, and compare Virginia car insurance on various types of coverage. Most consumers will be surprised to find out that some coverage is quite cheap.

There are state penalties if drivers do not insure their vehicles at all times. VA has a minimum $500 fee plus a $30 reinstatement fee. Those who did not have coverage will also need to maintain an SR-22 filing for at least three years.

The state of Virginia encourages consumers to compare rates because companies charge different prices. helps consumers complete quote comparisons online instantly and easily with one simple process.

After obtaining rates, can choose which company to buy a policy from. There are other factors to look at besides just price. Consider the brand, and other factors such as financial strength and customer service.

The state offers brochures giving consumers additional tips. Take a look at the Virginia auto insurance guide for additional information.

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