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United States flag in the shape of VirginiaIn the Old Dominion State there are multiple options when it comes to automobile insurance. Motorists may choose to either purchase a protection plan or pay the state Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee. In order to remain covered in the event of an accident, many motorists choose to buy a policy. To locate the cheapest possible plan residents are encouraged to shop around and complete an online quote comparison in order to see a wide variety of estimates from dozens of insurers.

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By choosing to forgo vehicle coverage residents would still have to pay a state Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee of $500 that must be paid annually at the same time as one's vehicle registration. Although this may seem like a modest sum in comparison to maintaining a policy, residents should note that paying the UMV fee provides absolutely no protection, which has the potential of being costly. Furthermore, according to the Insurance Information Institute, the average expenditure for automobile coverage in Virginia in 2008 was only roughly $663, meaning that for only slightly more money a motorist can be financially protected in the event of an accident.

Choosing not to purchase coverage and simply paying the state UMV fee has the potential of being financially disastrous for a Virginia motorist. According to the VA Department of Motor Vehicles there were over 116,700 automobile accidents in 2009 with over 14,000 accidents taking place in Fairfax County alone. If an uninsured motorist were to be involved in one of these collisions the driver would still be financially responsible for any at-fault damages or injuries. Without liability coverage the vehicle owner may have to pay any necessary expenses entirely out-of-pocket. By locating cheap rates and purchasing an affordable Virginia auto insurance policy a resident can maintain peace of mind and avoid such disastrous situations.

When purchasing coverage there are multiple ways to save money while still maintaining an adequate amount of protection. By shopping for quotes a resident has a better chance of locating cheaper policies than simply choosing the first protection plan that is available. Typically, in order to obtain multiple car insurance quotes a motorist would have to contact an insurer directly over the phone and answer a series of questions before receiving the necessary information. By completing a comparison online, however, residents can obtain dozens of estimates from multiple insurers in a fraction of the time and in one convenient location.

In order to maximize savings, motorists are encouraged to research any possible specials or discounts that may be available to residents that wish to purchase a protection plan. Oftentimes a resident's coverage costs have the potential of decreasing after qualifying for a variety of money saving offers such as good driver, good student, or mature driver discounts. Furthermore, motorists may also be able to receive additional discounts for operating a motor vehicle that is contains certain features, including anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, high crash test safety ratings, or additional airbags. Inquiring about such discounts is likely to make cheap auto insurance policies available and save a vehicle owner a fair amount of money on premium costs.

It's important for VA residents to know that purchasing an automobile protection plan can be an excellent and affordable way to remain adequately covered while traversing Virginia's 57,867 miles of state-maintained roadways and interstate highways.