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Washington state and symbolsMotorists residing in the Evergreen State pay higher average premiums than many other states in the nation. An effective way for Washingtonians to obtain the most affordable policies is to obtain and compare quotes from numerous carriers prior to purchasing a policy. The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner suggests that residents take the time to shop around due to the fact that each company will charge different rates for the same amount of coverage.

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Tips for Getting WA Car Insurance Quotes

One of the most important steps to shopping for automobile policies is determining what types and levels of protection is needed prior to obtaining and comparing auto insurance quotes from various carriers. The state requires that motorists carry a liability policy consisting of no less than $25,000 for bodily injury to one person, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident and $10,000 for property damage. These limits are minimal and may not provide the necessary protection should the policyholder cause a traffic accident where the other party sustains a serious injury or substantial property damage. It is often suggested to consider the highest liability limits that can be afforded to avoid the possibility of being financially responsible for compensation due to others which exceed the minimum requirements.

Vehicle owners may also want to obtain quotations for coverage for physical damage by adding comprehensive and collision protection. The Washington car insurance laws do not mandate that motorists have such coverage on policies, but the state is known for having adverse weather conditions that can lead to a higher risk of vehicles suffering damages. Rain and snow heighten the chances of automobile collisions, and windstorms can increase the risk of a vehicles being struck by items such as flying objects or broken tree limbs; it may be beneficial to protect against such losses.

As a motorist obtains a rate quote for auto insurance coverage it is very important that the consumer answer questions as accurately as possible, especially on details pertaining to vehicles, driving record and credit history. When drivers gather quotes they will be asked if they have any tickets or accidents on their driving record and failure to mention any may result in being misquoted, and if the policy were to be purchased a rate increase may be assessed during the underwriting process; this may also apply to credit rating.

Comparing the rates of automobile policies can be done a number of ways and finding a good and affordable car insurance company may basically come down to obtaining numerous quotations. An individual can locate insurers by looking in the phone book, asking friends and family for referrals or by surfing the Internet, and getting a quote from a carrier can be done over the phone, in person or online. It is important to ensure that the company providing a quotation is licensed by the state and can easily be done by checking with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner.
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Getting quotes is a vital part of purchasing auto insurance policies and taking the right steps can help a motorist obtain the ideal coverage at an affordable rate. By making sure that quote comparisons are completed based on adequate protection from licensed carriers may help ensure that a quality policy is purchased from a reputable company.