Washington Auto Insurance Comparison

Yet another step forward in this modern computer age of convenience: instantly obtaining the best rate/coverage for your driving needs by simply filling out an online questionnaire and submitting it for review. Not only will you be able to purchase auto insurance online, there is also the option to manage your policy online as well make payments, changes to your policy.

Instead of opening up the phone book and calling a number of companies and divulging personal and driving record information over and over, OnlineAutoInsurance.com can give you a quote comparison for several different insurers at the same time. Personal information is not needed to receive auto insurance quotes, however, additional information such as date of birth and access to your credit report will ensure a more accurate quote.

Online auto insurance buying significantly reduces your time calling several different agents or carriers on the telephone. It also gives you the chance to change your options on one quote several times, adjusting how much different types of coverage will cost and experimenting with other factors without exasperating an insurance agent or spending an hours on the telephone.

As with buying anything online, read the fine print and understand exactly what it is you are purchasing and what your coverage for your vehicle/person is. Most insurance web forms will automatically default to the lowest possible coverage available in Washington.

Washington State Law does require that your vehicle carries at the very least, a certain amount of Liability Coverage: $15,000/per person bodily injury coverage, $30,000/per accident bodily injury coverage, and $10,000/per accident, property damage coverage. Keep in mind that liability coverage' refers to what your insurance will pay for in the event that you damage someone else's property or cause bodily harm. This will not provide coverage for your injuries or property.

Once you've compared offers and determined the coverage you wish to obtain for your particular vehicle, companies offering car insurance online have made receiving instant proof of coverage a snap. When payment has been received, the online agent will provide you with a form to print out that will provide immediate proof of coverage. Print it out and you're ready to hit the road.

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