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Wisconsin road signWisconsin financial responsibility laws require motorists to be able to cover damages when at-fault for an accident. One of the simplest and most popular ways of abiding by these rules is to purchase automobile insurance from a company licensed to provide vehicle policies in the Badger State. Although coverage is a necessary expense for many motorists, residents can still find an affordable protection plan by shopping around for the lowest prices. A quick and effective way of comparing rates is to complete an online quote comparison that provides many different rate quotes from dozens of insurers.

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There are many different contributing factors that determine a person's premium in the Badger State, and because of this insurers can sometimes produce quotes for the same amount of coverage with vastly different costs to the insured. Becoming aware of the characteristics that determine a motorist's premium may help a resident to better obtain Wisconsin auto insurance that is affordable by comparing a wide variety of quotations. When determining rates, insurers have a tendency to examine the following details of drivers:
  • Age, Gender, and Marital Status
  • The Vehicle that is being Insured
  • Annual Mileage
  • Prior Coverage
  • Driving Record
  • Credit History
  • Garaging Address

One of the most influential characteristics in determining a motorist's premium is driving record. If a motorist has a history of claims in a short time period an insurer may conclude that the vehicle owner is a high-risk driver with an increased chance of filing a claim in future, which commonly results in higher premiums. On the other hand, having a clean record for at least three years can often net more reasonable rates. Consequently, simply striving to either remain or become a safe and conscientious driver may be one of the most effective ways of getting affordable car insurance in Wisconsin.

Motorists may also wish to note that although an individual's credit history is listed as a contributing factor in determining a driver's premium, Wisconsin automobile insurers are not allowed to use a person's credit to unfairly discriminate when setting rates or use scores as a sole contributing factor when determining whether or not a resident is eligible for coverage. At times, however, insurers may look at a person's credit history as a way of determining the likelihood that the policyholder will file any future claims, in a similar fashion to looking at a resident's driving history.

Fact from Wisconsin Department of TransportationIn addition to determining premium prices differently, insurers are also typically competitive in their pricing. Oftentimes residents can take advantage of these price differences by searching for the lowest possible quotes. In order to obtain an accurate estimate from a single company a motorist would usually have to contact an insurer directly and answer a series of questions which is a process that may take hours if a resident were in need of several estimates. One of the more efficient ways of shopping for coverage is to complete an online quote comparison that amasses dozens of quotes from top insurers in a single convenient location in only a matter of minutes. With sufficient knowledge of how prices are determined WI motorists are likely to find inexpensive coverage with only a small amount of research.