Can a Wyoming Police Officer Demand Proof of Auto Insurance?

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To help decrease the percentage of uninsured motorists in Wyoming, state legislators gave WY law enforcement officers the right to request proof of auto insurance at any time. If motorists are unable to produce adequate proof, they have seven days to present the necessary documentation to the state Department of Transportation or risk being fined or imprisoned.

Adequate proof of Wyoming car insurance can include a valid insurance card or binder produced by a company licensed to sell vehicle coverage in the Equality State. Additionally, drivers can provide evidence of a bond on file with the Department of Transportation or a certificate of deposit in the amount of $25,000 with the state treasurer. Although these alternative forms of financial responsibility are sufficient to avoid being convicted of driving while uninsured, the majority of motorists choose to purchase vehicle coverage.

If motorists are convicted of driving without adequate coverage, they face a minimum fine of up to $750 and the possibility of spending no more than six months in jail. Additional convictions are likely to be met with increasingly severe consequences. Vehicle owners can avoid these consequences by buying Wyoming auto insurance from a licensed insurer and keeping an updated certificate of insurance in the insured vehicle.

When motorists purchase vehicle coverage in the Equality State, they should receive a card or binder that lists important information about the policy. This card should include the following:
  • Name of the coverage provider
  • Names of the insured drivers
  • Policy number
  • Company contact number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Policy duration
  • Year, make, and model of the insured vehicle
Motorists should carefully check these documents to ensure that all of the listed information is accurate. Motorists will typically receive an updated insurance card after their policy has been renewed.
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In an additional effort to decrease the number of uninsured motorists in Wyoming, drivers in the state have since 1993 been required to provide sufficient proof of insurance before registering an automobile. For motorists who choose to buy vehicle coverage, this includes purchasing bodily injury and property damage liability with minimum limits of 25/50/20. These limits, however, only reflect the minimum threshold mandated by the state. Motorists are encouraged to buy coverage that includes higher liability limits and additional protection as well to be adequately prepared for a wider range of damages and accident-related expenses.